"Onegaishimasu" actually means please like "kudasai" and both can be used following an object like "Mizu o kudasai" or "Mizu onegaishimasu". » 1/30/13 7:40am 1/30/13 7:40am

Nowadays traditional computers are being replaced by mobile internet. Why the need to search a map on a computer and print out a piece of paper telling you where to go when all you need is your Google Map app on your smartphone? » 1/29/13 5:14am 1/29/13 5:14am

When you think about the amount of money people like Beyonce make you put a higher standard to them. People are giving her all this money and she gets to lavish in it, for what? TO SING. The one thing she gets paid to do and instead she fakes it. For me, it's not that she's lip-syncing, for me, it's that she's getting… » 1/23/13 4:03am 1/23/13 4:03am